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Pfizer's Commitment to Gaucher Patients

JULY 28, 2014

We recently talked with Rory O'Connor, Senior VP, Global Medical Affairs, Innovative Pharma Business, Pfizer Inc to talk about Pfizer's commitment to helping patients with Gaucher disease. In this exclusive interview, Rory explains that Pfizer is aiding the Gaucher community in numerous ways, including assistance in finding clinicians, obtaining kosher certification for their drug Elelyso, and continuing to conduct clinical trials to hopefully expand the drug's indication to include children with Gaucher type 1.

Gaucher disease is an inherited lysosomal storage disorder in which individuals have a deficiency in the  enzyme glucocerebrosidase leading to the accumulation of the lipid glucosylceramide throughout the body. If not treated properly, symptoms of Gaucher disease can worsen and lead to permanent organ damage.

For more information about Gaucher disease and Elelyso, visit www.elelyso.com

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