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Genestein and Sanfilippo Syndrome - A Review of the Evidence

NOVEMBER 11, 2013
RDR Staff

Sanfilippo syndrome is caused by a deficiency in enzymes that degrade the glycosaminoglycan (GAG), heparan sulfate. The net result is an accumulation of heparan sulfate in lysosomes that leads  to progressive neurocognitive deterioration.  At present, there is no approved treatment for Sanfilippo syndrome but there is accumulating preclinical, clinical, as well as anecdotal evidence that genestein may be effective. Unfortunately, a properly controlled trial with manufactured grade genestein at a fixed high dose is needed to determine if the drug is safe and effective in these children. Fortunately, such a trial is about to begin.  

In this exclusive interview with Rare Disease Report, Brian Bigger, PhD, Lead of the Stem Cell & Neurotherapies Laboratory at the University of Manchester in Manchester U.K. explains why genestein may be effective in treating Sanfilippo and why (& how) they are about to start a  new phase 3 clinical trial examining the safety and efficacy of genistein aglycone in Sanfilippo syndrome. For more information about Sanfilippo and the trial, visit http://www.mpssociety.org.uk/research/latest-news/mps-iii-genistein-clinical-trial/. The trial is expected to begin in Spring 2014.

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