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Cindy Abbott-NORD Honoree, Iditarod Musher, Mt Everest Climber

MAY 19, 2015

Cindy Abbott’s hobbies include scuba diving, sled dog mushing, mountain climbing, ballroom dancing, underwater videography, and loving her husband.

Cindy is also a patient with Wegener’s granulomatosis, a rare autoimmune disease that leads to inflammation of blood vessels.  Based on her experience of going over a decade of being misdiagnosed, Cindy set out to raise awareness of rare diseases by combining her passion for rare diseases with her hobbies. To that end, she has displayed the NORD banner at the top of Mt Everest, while swimming with dolphins, and most recently, during the Iditarod.

For her efforts, Cindy is being honored by NORD at the Portrait of Courage Gala in Washington D.C. this year with the Rare Disease Public Awareness Award.

Following the Gala, Cindy plans to begin training for the 2016 Iditarod.

To learn more about Cindy's adventures, visit http://reachingbeyondtheclouds.com/

To learn more about Cindy's favorite organization, visit https://www.rarediseases.org/

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