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Huntingtons Disease

George Yohrling, PhD discusses treatment for Huntington's disease patients, therapies in the pipeline and why it’s an exciting time for the research community.
Results from a recent study published in Lancet Neurology by researchers in England and Wales identifies a gene linked to Huntington’s disease progression.
In Huntington's disease animal models, AMT-130, an AAV5 vector carrying a DNA cassette encoding artificial micro-RNA, is effective.
Louise Vetter, CEO of the HDSA and George Yohrling, PhD discuss the creation of the organization, what motivates them, and why their work is so important.
CEO of HDSA Louise Vetter and George Yohrling PhD discuss the pathophysiology and science of HD and why it can be so difficult to recognize, diagnose and treat.
After losing his mother-in-law to Huntington's disease (HD) in April, Greg Shwaga is using his summer break to raise funds and awareness for this rare condition.
The Toronto Blue Jays traded pitcher Joe Smith to his hometown Cleveland Indians because he requested to be closer to his mother, a Huntington's disease patient.
All 32 NFL teams reported to training camp this week, and the New Orleans Saints did so with biliary atresia patient Jarrius Robertson.
11-year old Huntington's disease patient Aidan Smith met an Elvis Presley impersonator at the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital's Lincoln campus this week.
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