Funding for Rare Disease Research Often From Non-Profits



Brian Bigger, PhD, leads the Stem Cell & Neurotherapies laboratory at the University of Manchester in Manchester U.K.  The lab uses a multidisciplinary approach to investigate stem cell and gene therapies for neurological diseases, including Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) diseases such as MPS I (Hurler) and MPS IIIa (Sanfilippo). 

In this exclusive interview with Rare Disease Report, Dr. Bigger described how his lab obtains funding and how that research may lead to a better understanding of not just rare diseases but also more common conditions. For more information about Dr. Bigger’s research, visit

Funding sources for Dr. Bigger’s lab include:

UK Society for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases (and their fundraising initiative Wicked Genes) 

Sanfilippo Children’s Research Foundation 

Jonah’s Just Begun 

Canadian Society for Mucopolysaccharide and Related Diseases 

National MPS Society 


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