Medikidz Transition to Jumo

Medikidz - widely known for its comic book line that uses animated superheroes to explain various health topics to children - has expanded its offerings and ushered in a new name - Jumo. After nearly a decade of explaining medical conditions and topics to children on paper, Jumo is introducing a suite of more contemporary offerings.

With more than 150 comic book titles distributed across 50 countries in 30 languages, Jumo continues publish its evidence-based, peer reviewed and community endorsed signature comic books, but now includes videos in which families share their stories of hope, and podcasts where patients gather to open a dialogue and share practical insight for life after a diagnosis. In addition to its direct to consumer offerings, Jumo now provides an enterprise solution for hospitals and payors so that they may better serve the needs of their customers – complete with doctor discussion guides and quizzes that address informed consent/assent and games for continued engagement.

While Jumo continues to produce condition-specific content to market, it now also helps explain procedural and hospital-specific topics such as “What is a PICC Line” and “Meet my Hospital Team” to provide context throughout the patient pathway. Current titles in production include: Pompe Disease, Gaucher Disease, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, and ASMD Niemann-Pick Disease. Jumo’s existing library of rare diseases includes titles such as: Growth Related Disorders, Cystic Fibrosis, Fabry Disease, Urea Cycle Disorders, and Primary Immunodeficiency.

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