What is the Declan Donoghue Foundation

Nicole Donoghue

About The Declan Donoghue Foundation
Play. It's essential to the human spirit. It's how we experience and enjoy the world and the people around us. Nowhere is this more apparent than the pure, happy and uninhibited play of children. Our son, Declan Nicholas Donoghue, was a shining example of this spirit. While his time with us was short and filled with medical struggle, it was never without play.

The Declan Donoghue Foundation seeks to carry on the memory of Declan and the spirit of play by helping to fund and build places for play in North Carolina's Piedmont Triad area.

In addition to celebrating Declan’s spirit of play, Declan’s foundation supports the improvement of collaboration and communication in medicine, particularly in the care of children with undiagnosed rare diseases like X-linked Chronic Granulomatous Disease (XCGD), the rare immune disease Declan was diagnosed with after his death.  

About the Declan Donoghue Collaborative Care Program
After Declan's death, we were plagued by the fact that Declan's diagnosis could have been determined prior to his death if more of the specialists working with us worked together to solve this mystery.

In January 2011, four months after Declan passed away, we met with the management of Wake Forest Baptist Hospital and Brenner Children's Hospital and demonstrated to them how through communication Declan's diagnosis might not have been such a mystery. We asked them to create a program that assigned a "medical quarterback" to children with complex or unresolved medical issues to help facilitate a multi-disciplined conference to work through diagnosis and plan for next steps.

The hospital responded with great efforts and the Declan Donoghue Collaborative Care Program has been in place since 2011, helping many families find answers not previously offered with the help of multiple specialists coming together for one goal, finding an answer for kids with complex, unresolved medical issues. It is a part of Brenner Children’s Hospital Pediatric Enhanced Care program:
In April 2017, Nicole, Declan's mom, alongside the Brenner Children’s Hospital Collaborative Care Team were published in the American Associations of Pediatrics Journal Pediatrics. The Declan Donoghue Collaborative Care Program is being seen as an enhanced model of collaborative care and recognized for our results since 2011. 

Please find a link to the article, An Innovative Collaborative Model of Care for Undiagnosed Complex Medical Conditions
and a review of our program and how it has helped children obtain diagnosis. For every child diagnosed, Declan is remembered. 
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