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Medikidz is changing the landscape for how children comprehend difficult medical concepts.

Compared to the abundance of medical information targeted to adults, there is far less information available specifically tailored for interaction with young audiences.

Medikidz is filling the gap in available, credible resources specifically designed to engage children by providing an array of comic book and digital products. These resources allow children to develop a unique level of comprehension with their diagnosis, providing them with both the tools to understand what is going on inside their bodies, as well as the confidence in their ability to explain it to others.
Written by doctors and peer reviewed by leading healthcare professionals to ensure the highest quality of information, Medikidz content empowers and educates children living with a variety of rare conditions. Medikidz materials particularly incorporate concepts intended to interest young audiences: each resource features the entertaining Medikidz, superheroes that travel throughout a planet shaped like the body called Mediland to teach children about a variety of conditions affecting their bodies.

Specifically, Medikidz is committed to providing the rare disease community with unique resources that are otherwise not accessible.

Urea Cycle Disorders

Urea Cycle Disorders (UCDs) are rare genetic conditions caused by the deficiency of one of the enzymes that normally removes ammonia from the bloodstream. This means that ammonia builds up, causing problems for the body. A build up of ammonia in the brain can change behavior, and can also make it difficult to concentrate and to keep up at school. Other problems that can happen in a Urea Cycle Disorder include confusion, sickness, and headaches.

The treatment of UCDs involves making sure that food intake is balanced so that it is not too high in protein, as too much protein leads to too much ammonia, which the body cannot handle in a UCD. Food supplements and formulas may also help, and sometimes medicines are needed too.

The Comic Book - Story of Young Boy with UCD

Medikidz Explain Urea Cycle Disorders, created in collaboration with Horizon Pharmaceuticals, tells the story of Kyle, who is a young boy living with UCD.  

To treat his rare disease, Kyle needs to take medicine at mealtimes.

However, he hasn’t told his friends at school why he disappears every day at lunch hour to see the nurse. Witnessing his need for help to explain this to his friends, the Medikidz arrive and whisk Kyle off on an adventure through Mediland.

There, they explain the anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of urea cycle disorders, discussing the importance of treatment in helping to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Kyle’s journey ends with a newfound ability to comprehend his disease, and the ability to explain it confidently to his peers.

The Comic Book App

Reaching children on a level they can understand is essential to the Medikidz mission, which is why Medikidz strives to constantly innovate previous developments to best connect with young audiences. To meet the needs of the ever-changing digital sphere, Medikidz created a digital component in the form of an interactive app to complement the Medikidz Explain UCD comic book, providing a second medium through which young people can access information.

The Medikidz Explain Urea Cycle Disorders App brings the original comic book to life, featuring interactive objects within panels and sound effects. The App includes a series of games like “Spot the Protein”, presenting the opportunity for subconscious learning by prompting players to apply the lessons learned through the book. Medikidz is changing the dynamics of children’s health education, and is creating a global community of young people who are informed, empowered and health-aware.
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