A RARE Football Team Lifts for Life

Andrew Black

Tackling ball carriers and rare diseases, Uplifting Athletes is a nonprofit organization run by current student-athletes who strive to inspire the rare disease community with hope through the power of sport. The mission of their efforts of each Uplifting Athletes Chapter from across the country is uniquely positioned to educate and engage the local community and shine a spotlight on rare diseases
Each chapter of the organization adopts one out of approximately 7,000 rare diseases, they currently have chapters at 25 different universities including schools such as Penn State, Ohio University, Florida Southern University, etc. The most visible component of the outreach program is the network of university chapters. University chapters of Uplifting Athletes are set-up as registered student organizations and benefit a rare disease that is relevant to their team. Each chapter plans and hosts special events to help make their rare disease more popular and get students, families, rare disease patients involved.
This month, many schools are holding their signature fundraising event Lift for Life, a strength and muscle based competition where athletes can demonstrate how strong they are while competing with their teammates in front of a crowd. The teams are usually split up as offense vs defense and the athletes have a moment to shine, while raising awareness to a rare disease.
Volunteers, members and donations are always accepted at Uplifting Athletes. For more information on how to get involved with this organization, click here
Uplifting Athletes is running a play that creates a single voice and inspiring the medical community to find cures. HIKE!

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