Three UK Groups Push to Raise Awareness for Huntington's Disease

Mathew Shanley

Three different groups from the United Kingdom are staying active this week in their efforts to raise both awareness of and funds for Huntington’s Disease (HD) research.
A Limerick man teamed up with an Australian friend cycled 500 miles in 6 days from London back to Limerick, while a 7-person expedition led by Edinburgh solicitor Lucy Frazer climbed the UK’s 3 highest mountains within 24 hours. On Saturday, law firms from East Yorkshire will participate in a special Super Sprint Triathlon at Castle Howard.
HD is a rare, fatal neurodegenerative disease, and chorea, or involuntary, random and sudden, twisting and/or writhing movements are the primary symptoms. Patients will additionally experience an array of cognitive and mental health obstacles, and can suffer from the deterioration in several areas of the brain because of impaired nerve cells.
Per a story in the Limerick Post, city resident Seán Hogan paired with his Australian friend Randolph Agguire on a 500-mile ride, raising more than $2,600 for the Huntington’s Disease Association (HDA) along the way.
“Donations are still coming in. Even when we were in Passage in County Waterford, we stopped in a shop, a man noticed the logo of the association and approached us to donate €20 ($23.12) which was nice,” said Hogan.
The Scottish Huntington’s Association (SHA) was the benefactor from Frazer’s expedition, as she and her team raised more than $5,300 for the country’s only charity that aids families living with the degenerative neurological condition. In all, each team member climbed more than 11,000 feet.
“This is fantastic total and I’m delighted that Lucy and friends managed to get up all three mountains safely and complete the challenge,” said Dougie Peddie, fundraising manager at the Scottish Huntington’s Association to Scottish Legal News. “It’s a great achievement and the money will be put to good use providing lifeline service for HD families.”
To round out the week in HD awareness events throughout the UK, on Saturday, Pocklington and other law firms across East Yorkshire will participate in the Super Sprint Triathalon at Castle Howard. All money raised will benefit the HDA.
“I’ve known people with Huntington’s Disease. It is a terrible, debilitating illness and I’m pleased to be raising money for the Huntington’s Disease Association during my year in office,” Pamela Precious, president of Yorkshire Law Society said to the Pocklington Post. “We look forward to welcoming as many law firms as possible who wish to enter, and their families, to raise money for this important charity.”
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