'Lou's Play' A Touchdown for Cerebral Palsy

Andrew Black

Two rival football teams in North Carolina put aside their differences to make a young cerebral palsy patient’s day as he scored a 50-yard TD. 
Lou Stamey was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, but that doesn’t stop him from loving the game of football. 
Because of his condition, Lou is unable to participate in sports, however during the biggest rivalry game of the year, Lou got to be involved in a special play. 
Ready for his moment, Lou had a “eat my dust” sign on the back of his wheelchair for the occasion.
It was drawn up as “Lou’s Play” in which the quarterback handed the ball off to Lou and it was off to the end zone.
With a fellow teammate pushing him 50 yards, Lou scored a touchdown against his town’s biggest rival having the crowd go wild.
The score might not have counted, but the feelings it brought were. 
After the game players signed the game ball for Lou to take him to remember his moment. 
News of the touchdown was captured by the local ABCNews affiliate and can be seen below.
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