Robert Ryan Leaves Scioderm

James Radke, PhD

Robert Ryan PhD has stepped down as CEO of Scioderm, the company he founded and recently sold to Amicus Therapeutics.
Scioderm developed the drug Zorblisa (SD-101) to treat epidermolysis bullosa. If approved, the drug could provide tremendous relief to the children who suffer from 'the worst disease you've never heard of'.
Epidermolysis bullosa is a group of rare genetic rare disorders that manifest as blistering or erosion of the skin.
In November, Amicus Therapeutics acquired Scioderm in a cash and stock deal that could potentially be worth $947 million.
Over the years, we at RDR have met Rob at numerous rare disease conferences and wish him all the best as he begins the next chapter of his life. With that being said, we expect to see him back at another rare disease conference soon talking about a new drug he is developing to help those in need. In the meantime, we wish him all the best and hope his 2016 is filled with plenty of time to practice his birdie putts.
Below are a few clips from one of many interviews we have done with Dr Ryan.

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