Understanding & Living With Pompe Disease - Early-Onset / Childhood Diagnosed

Guest Post by The Balancing Act

It's a devastating medical mystery: random symptoms that present in many common diseases; low awareness and misconceptions among physicians; rare incidence and lack of awareness about the disease's existence. Chances are you've never heard of Pompe disease - a degenerative, genetic neuromuscular disease. But thanks to specialists like Dr. Barry Byrne, medical geneticist and Genzyme, leader in discovering and delivering transformative therapies for patients with rare genetic conditions, awareness of Pompe symptoms and disease management is growing. By increasing awareness, physicians can achieve earlier diagnoses and patients can be armed with disease information, allowing them to more successfully self-advocate and manage Pompe.


Behind The Mystery Of Pompe Disease

Have you heard of Pompe disease?

Most people haven't. Pompe disease is a rare genetic neuromuscular disorder caused by an excessive buildup and storage of glycogen in the muscle cells, resulting in degenerative muscle weakness.

The muscle weakness can affect many different parts of the body and cause a variety of health problems.

Common symptoms of Late Onset Pompe Disease include:

Symptoms of Infantile Onset Pompe Disease include:

Once Pompe disease is suspected, doctors can perform a simple blood test that can quickly and accurately confirm the diagnosis.

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