Plasminogen Deficiency Awareness Week

James Radke

November 6 - 10 is Plasminogen Deficiency Awareness Week.

Plasminogen deficiency is a rare genetic condition in which patients do not have enough plasminogen, a protein involved in the degradation of plasma proteins. Signs and symptoms vary, but often include thick, woody – or ligneous – conjunctivitis and gingivitis in the eyes, as well as fibrous lesions. These can be removed by surgery, however, surgery can often act as a stimulus for more growths to occur.

The awareness campaign, hosted by Prometic, the developers of a replacement therapy in development for plasminogen deficiency, is an opportunity for patients, caregivers, doctors, and researchers to share their experiences with the rare disease and to learn from others. The website ( will also have educational material that can be shared as well. The campaign is hosted by Prometic, the makers of a replacement therapy in development for plasminogen deficiency.

At present, there isn’t an established support group for patients with plasminogen deficiency, however, the hope for the week-long awareness campaign will bring the plasminogen deficiency community together so one can be created.

Below, physician and plasminogen deficiency patient Sarah Bein, M.D., explains this rare condition and how it is diagnosed:

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