Mallinckrodt Zeroes in on Battle Against Opioid Abuse

Mathew Shanley

Mallinckrodt plc, a developer, manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of pharmaceutical products and therapies for rare diseases, is joining the fight against opioid abuse in the United States.

Earlier this morning, the company released its “Prescription for America’s Opioid Epidemic.” The statement outlines 6 policy initiatives that the company believes, if properly executed, can assist in the nation’s ongoing struggle with the abuse and misuse of prescription drugs.

The policy statement, which can be read in full on the Mallinckrodt website, includes the following initiatives: Use Opioids Sparingly, Expand Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment, Mandate Advanced Education for Healthcare Providers; Enhance Regulatory Standards and Data Usage to Prevent Diversion; Urge Safe Drug Storage and Disposal; and Fund Community-Based Education / Intervention.

Overall, it is the company’s hope that patients with a substance abuse disorder will have access to the appropriate treatment, including counseling, while patients with the need for pain management still have access to reasonable dosages of their prescribed drugs. It is stressed that healthcare providers and physicians understand the risks associated with opioids and are astute and sensible when prescribing drugs.

"As an industry pioneer in addressing the problem of prescription drug diversion and misuse and a strong and constant partner to those focused on addressing the problems of drug abuse, Mallinckrodt has developed a unique perspective on potential policy solutions to address the significant problem facing rural areas, towns and cities in virtually every state in the Union,” said Mark Trudeau, Chief Executive Officer and President of Mallinckrodt in a press release.

Among the drugs currently in Mallinckrodt’s pipeline are H.P. Acthar Gel for the treatment of acute lateral sclerosis (ALS) and MNK-1411 for patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

“For years, we have worked with policymakers, law enforcement, patient groups and other stakeholders on the issue of opioid diversion and abuse and will strongly advocate for public policies directed at prevention and treatment,” said Trudeau.

Since 2012, the company has been a Gold Sponsor of, and active participant in, The Medicine Abuse Project. This initiative led by The Partnership at addresses prescription medicine abuse among young people and ways that these issues can be averted.

In order to follow through on these initiatives and achieve these policy goals, the company intends to actively contact policymakers, law enforcement, patient groups, and an array of other stakeholders.

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