President of Sobi in North America Discusses Pharma in the Rare Community

Rami Levin

Rami Levin has served as the President of Sobi in North America since 2014. He has an MBA from Rekanati Business School at Tel-Aviv University in Israel, and has held previous leadership roles throughout the pharmaceutical industry, including positions at Merck, EMD Serono and Schering AG, in Scandinavia, Switzerland, Israel and the U.S.

In this video, he discusses the difficulties in working in the rare disease community, like the lack of information available to patients, caregivers and family members, as well as the challenges that come with the attempt to access therapies.

Levin: I think that one of the main challenges in rare diseases is the lack of information. Obviously, there are very few treatments available, and in those areas, you may find some information, but there’s a wide variety of areas where there’s no information available. Patients lack the information, and lack the knowledge, and are desperately seeking information. Being able to reach out to support those patients is critical. I think there’s a lot of discussion around access to therapies. One of our goals at Sobi is, not only to bring new therapies to market, but to make sure that there’s access to therapy so that patients can access the treatments that they need so desperately.

Sobi is extremely focused on innovation. We have a few products on the market, we have a very nice pipeline, and we’re, obviously, intended to expand on that, with the intent to address many of those unmet medical needs that are still out there. We also focus a lot on access and insuring the reliability and continuous access of our products to patients. It’s great to develop, but if patients, at the end of the day, don’t have access to it, then we didn’t really do our jobs.

Last but not least is support. We understand that just offering a product is not sufficient – it’s definitely not sufficient in the rare disease space. Being able to offer support to patients and to caregivers once the product is on the market is key for us. So those, I think, are the three pillars of what we focus on today.
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