How to Pack for Your Hospital Stay

Ilana Jacqueline

Patients with chronic, rare diseases often spend an exorbitant amount of time in the hospital. 
In the video below, Ilana Jacqueline of provides some helpful tips on how to pack for those long hospital stays.

Packing List

   Garnier Nutrise Shampoo
   Head and Shoulders Conditioner
   Shaving Cream/ Razor
   Dry Shampoo
   Pillow Spray
   Essential Oils
   Contact Lenses
   Contact Solution
   Eye Mask
   Ear Plugs
   Hand Warmers
   Lysol Spray
   Lysol Wipes
   Cottonelle Wipes
   Facial Wipes
   Alcohol Pads
   Hair Bands
   Hair Ties
   Spairz (underwear)
   Panty Liners
   Neck Pillow
   Heat Pack
   Fuzzy Socks
   Sweat Pants/ Yoga Pants
   Extra Large T-shirts
   Black Tank Tops
   Comfortable Bras
   Phone Chargers/Chargers
   Hospital Bag

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Video produced by Ilana Jacqueline and reposted here with her permission.

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