Rare Diseases in Washington: #CuresRally for #CuresNow

James Radke, PhD

On September 1 and 2, there is a #curesrally being held across social media to raise awareness of #curesnow and the need to pass the 21st Century Cures Act. The act will remove barriers to research collaboration, add the patient perspective to drug development and regulatory review, modernize clinical trials, provide new incentives for the development of orphan drugs, improve research infracture to improve efficacy, and invest in the next generation of researchers.
People are encouraged to create ways to highlight the #curenow message by posting messages on social media that are directed to their local representatives.
Be sure to contact your representatives in both the Congress and the Senate and remind them that these bills have been under review for over a year and time is up. We want #CURESNOW.

ANNOUNCEMENT // we're about to have a #CuresRally, so spread the word #CuresNow and follow for updates.

— Sick Chicks (@sick_chicks) August 31, 2016

#CuresNow #NIHNow

— ACT for NIH (@ACTforNIH) August 21, 2016

We need #CuresNow. 21st Century Cures. Please act Senate. Our children can’t afford to wait for cures!

— Stephanie Bozarth (@stephbozarth) August 24, 2016

Whats on ur chalkboard? Illinois rare disease patients 4 #CuresNow Senate @RareAdvocates @ResearchAmerica @ECcures

— Sharon Rose Nissley (@Rose_of_Sharon8) August 24, 2016

.@HouseCommerce @ECcures @NovaSE School of Pharmacy & PULSE! Health Law Society want #CuresNow!

— Candace (@RareCandace) August 25, 2016

Helping our friend Jonah and many other children with rare diseases #CuresNow @JJB4CURE

— Sean Ekins (@collabchem) August 31, 2016

@SenThomTillis @SenatorBurr Please pass 21st Century Cures for NC girls like her! #CuresNow @EveryLifeOrg

— National MPS Society (@MPSSociety) August 31, 2016

We need #CuresNOW, please pass 21st Century Cures Act & Open Act @LindseyGrahamSC @SenatorTimScott @EveryLifeOrg

— Cure Sanfilippo Fdn (@SavingEliza) August 29, 2016

Congress back in session soon. We need #CURESnow, please pass the 21st Century Cures Act & Open Act! @SenGillibrand

— Jonah's Just Begun (@JJB4CURE) August 27, 2016
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