Achalasia Patient Ready to Sing for America's Got Talent

James Radke

Achalasia is a rare disease in which the smooth muscles controlling the esophagus fail to relax. Patients have difficulty swallowing and talking.
That difficulty can be especially frustrating for a growing teenage boy wanting to be a singer.
Such was the case for Dustin Chapman, an aspiring singer who developed the condition 2 years ago while in high school.
At first, it was thought that Dustin had a hernia and it wasn’t until 9 months had past (and Dustin had lost 50 lbs) that he was correctly diagnosed with achalasia at Duke University.
With the proper diagnosis, Dustin was treated (surgically) and he is now on the road to recovery. And what an amazing road that is turning out to be.

America’s Got Talent Calls

With his singer voice back in shape, Dustin recently posted a video of himself singing a Keith Whitney medley.  That video was noticed by a producer at "America's Got Talent." Soon htereafter, Dustin received a call with an invitation to audition for the show.  
Dustin’s ‘audition’ is below. Do you think he has talent?
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