Global Community Set To Mark ITP Awareness Day (Sept 25)

Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) is a rare, autoimmune blood disorder where the body destroys platelets. Low platelets can cause excessive bruising and potentially fatal consequences such as bleeding in the brain. September is ITP awareness month and September 25th is the official awareness day. ITP communities from all over the world participate in events to highlight the needs of the platelet disorder community.

The global ITP community is focused on continuing education for medical professionals.There is also great interest in the 21st Century Cures bill along with the Innovation for Healthier Americans Act currently in the HELP committee of the United States Senate. Many ITP patients and families have reached out to their elected officials to vocalize their support for more funding for the NIH along with an improved drug approval process. ITP patients all over the world are eager to participate in clinical trials, education initiatives and online advocacy movements.
This year, many American ITP patients are participating in “Pump It Up For Platelets”, a 5k walk/run to raise money for the Platelet Disorder Support Association ( In the United Kingdom, the ITP Support Association ( just celebrated the grand opening of their new headquarters. An Australian ITP patient, Meg Brewster, is releasing a book on ITP set to his shelves on September 25th. In the past year, other countries have started forming ITP support groups to address the needs of patients within their communities. It is a vital step in furthering education and awareness for this rare disease.
To mark ITP awareness day on Friday, September 25th, supporters are asked to wear purple and encourage members of their community to donate blood or platelets. 
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