Chemotherapy, Hearing Loss, and School Bureaucracy

Hearing loss can greatly impede a child’s ability to learn in school. As such, special assistance should be in place to help the child at school. To qualify for that assistance however, can be tricky.

At the 49th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology held in Washington D.C., October 12-15, Rare Disease Report spoke with Brain Demedeiros, the father of a child who developed hearing loss as a result of the chemotherapy used to treat her neuroblastoma.

As Demedeiros explains in this video, the treatment for the cancer has kept his daughter out of school so much that the school administrators do not have enough data to register her for disability coverage. This catch-22 scenario means her classwork will be further impeded not just because of her absence due to the treatments but also because she has not qualified for more 1 on 1 assistance.
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