Physical Therapy and Pompe Disease

Carla Green

During Duke's annual late-onset Pompe disease patient clinic, we talked with Carla Green about some of the physical therapy used to maintain muscle strength in patients with Pompe disease. 
The patient in the video clip, Karen Kacures, had a 1 hour physical therapy session that involved the 6 minute walk test, stair climbing, as well as a variety of exercises to help her maintain her strength.

About Pompe Disease

Pompe disease is a rare lysosomal disease that may present in childhood (early-onset) or in adulthood (late-onset). In both cases, the disease is due to a deficiency in the enzyme alpha-glucosidase (GAA). Symptoms vary greatly in this population but can be severe and ultimately deadly in the early-onset type. Patients with laste-onset Pompe disease will often grow up being able to walk but begin to lose muscle stength as they age. Many of these patients will require technology to help them be ambulatory.


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