Team Impact - Bringing Athletes and Patients Together

Pamela Sullivan and Kathleen Pedrosa

At the Global Genes Patient and Advocacy Summit, Rare Disease Report spoke with Pamela Sullivan and Kathleen Pedrosa from Team Impact, a non-profit organization that brings together collegiate sports teams with children who have rare and chronic conditions.

As Pamelan and Kathleen explain in the video, each party has to commit 2 years to the partnership to allow the athletes an opportunity to understand the challenges that people with disabilitites have and become more empathic community members while also providing children with health issues an opportunity to participate in helping a sports team be a team.

As an example, Pamela and Kathleens used the example of a boy with cystic fibrosis who hates exercise but when he is part of the CU Boulder track team, suddenly exercise is fun and at the same time, the team slowly became more aware of rare chronic illnesses and some may even  change their future career path to be more philanthropic and involved in the community.

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