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Wheelchair Dancing

NOVEMBER 17, 2016
RDR Staff
Want to take a break from rare diseases and just watch people dance dance dance?
Below is the latest video from Infinite Flow, America’s first professional wheelchair ballroom dance company.

Infinite Flow’s mission is to lead a social movement to mass market inclusion through dance and innovation as a way to stand up for those who are tragically excluded from living up to their full potential as productive, creative individuals.  
The flash mob included 100 dancers. Notable flash mob dancers with disabilities included actress with Down Syndrome Caley Versfelt (Star of A&E "Born this Way"), wheelchair personalities Mia Schaikewitz and Auti Angel (Stars of Sundance Channel "Push Girls"), professional wheelchair body builder Adelfo Cerame Jr., and deaf dance sensation Shaheem. Two special needs dogs: a wheelchair dog named Bubbles and a dog with a missing limb named Mumra joined in on the celebration as well.
People are encouraged to make a tax-deductible donation at the Generosity crowdfunding campaign. All proceeds will be used towards Infinite Flow's community wheelchair dance classes, community outreach, professional dance troupe development, and other #InfiniteInclusion events and activities, leading a social movement to mass-market inclusion through dance and innovation.

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