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Voices of AHC

AUGUST 15, 2017
Stacy Greenwood, mom to Rory
As a foundation supporting those with a rare disease, getting the public to understand and empathize with our families can be challenging at times.  
Using the power of social media and the role it plays in advocating for those who often cannot speak for themselves is a huge priority.
Through a collaborative effort, the AHC Kids Foundation started the Voices of AHC campaign to do just that — let families and AHC children speak out, showing the complexity, beauty, and heartbreak in dealing with a disease others know very little about.
It has allowed families to combat loneliness and reach the public in a way that is both candid and inspiring.
Together, we will strive to continue the effort of advocacy and awareness and hope families will join in to facilitate outreach for this ongoing project.
Below are some of the posts the community has provided.  Please visit and like our AHCF Facebook page to meet more kids with AHC and see how you can to help! www.facebook.com/AHCKids

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