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Trap House Gives Voice to Rare Disease Rapper

MAY 03, 2017
James Radke and Mathew Shanley
Beauty can be defined by rare disease children defying expectations.
Isaiah Acosta is one of those children.
Born without a lower jaw, Isaiah can’t breathe through his mouth and he has never spoken a word. In spite of his loss in the genetic lottery, and his traits that mere mortals might consider setbacks or limitations, the 17-year-old released his first rap song in March.
Oxygen to Fly is Isaiah’s first single, and its lyrics – written entirely by the situs inversus patient – describe his struggles of being born sans a lower jaw and the ability to breathe normally, but still surviving despite difficulty.
The actual voice heard in the track belongs to Phoenix rapper Trap House. Known for his unique, hard-hitting style, Trap House has been rapping since he was 10-years old. When approached for Oxygen to Fly, the notoriously generous rapper couldn’t say no. He was taken aback by Isaiah’s unbreakable spirit and instantly agreed to the collaboration.
As if being a rap star weren't enough, Isaiah is using proceeds from the song to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Our readers are encouraged to download the song here.
The official Oxygen to Fly music video is below. Enjoy.
The Children’s Miracle Network also has a video, allowing fans of the song to get to know Isaiah and more about his situs inversus diagnosis. The congenital condition causes the major visceral organs to be reversed or mirrored from their normal positions. 
As the film notes, Isaiah’s successes are miracles, but it’s his contagious positive attitude that truly affects his family, friends, teachers, and fellow rappers.


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