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Ron Cooper Talks A4250, Inception of Albireo Pharma and the Importance of Orphan Drugs

JUNE 26, 2017
Ron Cooper

Ron Cooper, CEO of Albireo Pharmaceuticals, boasts more than 25 years of experience within the space.
Spun out of AstraZeneca in 2008, Albireo prides itself on its focus on the development and potential commercialization of orphan pediatric liver disease treatments. With a commitment to excellence and a devotion to meeting previously unmet needs, Cooper and his company have made every effort to discover what are now some of the world’s most widely used medicines.
Per the Albireo website, Cooper graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in Canada, and spent more than 2 decades working in 5 different countries and held positions of increasing responsibility with Bristol-Myers Squibb. His tenure eventually led to a role as the company’s President in Europe. There, he was responsible for overseeing more than 30 countries and saw sales exceeding $4.5 billion.
After playing a leadership role in more than 10 different product successes, and completing more than 12 business development deals, Cooper took on the title of Albireo’s first President and CEO. His current plan of action is the clinical development of the orphan drug A4250, which is intended to treat progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis (PFIC).
In this video, Cooper sits down with Rare Disease Report to talk about A4250, why it’s so important to children with PFIC, and just how Albireo prioritizes treatment for rare diseases.
For more about the drug, check out our June 20, 2017 article on Ron Cooper and A4250.
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