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AUGUST 03, 2014

Open science journal F1000Research will soon be launching an article collection on rare disease research, guest edited by Sean Ekins. The collection is now open for submissions.
Article collections in F1000Research are compilations of articles relating to a specific community, institution, society or conference. Articles can be added to a collection as soon as they are published in F1000Research, even after the collection has launched. In that sense, collections resemble a small journal within the journal, which is continuously updated with the latest research.
All articles in F1000Research are openly peer-reviewed, post-publication, by invited referees, and those that pass this review will be indexed in PubMed, Scopus, and other bibliographic databases.
“Having now tried PLOS, Chemistry Central, Hindawi and F1000Research with open access papers over the last year or so, F1000Research was the fastest and smoothest experience to date. There is a lot to like about that and their support for the rare disease community.”
-Sean Ekins
Since launch in early 2013, F1000Research has published over five hundred articles in areas across the life sciences. It’s particularly suitable for the publication of rare disease research, as F1000Research accepts a variety of article formats, including case reports, research notes (short research articles) and null/negative results as well as traditional research articles and reviews. In addition, all research articles include all underlying data, and the journal is completely open access.
If you would like your rare disease article to be considered for the F1000Research Rare Disease collection, please contact us at research@f1000.com.

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