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Dying 10-Year-Old Patient Has a Little Tom Brady-ness Inside Him

DECEMBER 13, 2016
Andrew Black
Ten-year-old Logan Schoenhardt has been battling cancer for the past 6 years. Recently, Logan learned that his cancer is progressing and that his time left has been severely shortened. 
So he made a bucket list. And the #1 item on that list - meet his all-time favorite idol, Tom Brady and show him why inside, they are very similar. They are both men who embrace any challenge as an opportunity. 
In March of 2010, Logan went to the doctors for an MRI to determine the cause of his progressing vision problems. What they found, was a grapefruit sized tumor in his brain, a miracle he was able to survive with it in such a large amount of time. In closer detail, doctors found the tumor to be an aggressive form of cancer that affects 1 in 500,000 people. 
Logan had his tumor surgically removed, but it came back 5 months later.
In 6 years he had undergone multiple surgeries, radiation treatments and hospital visits to continuously remove the tumor that wasn’t going away. 
With his condition, Logan could never play football himself. But that didn’t stop him from idolizing his favorite team the New England Patriots, and his favorite quarterback, Tom Brady. He lived his sports dream, through the team. 
After their latest Super Bowl win against the Seattle Seahawks in 2015, Logan’s tumor had grown back and he needed yet another removal surgery. However, this time he had a special request for his operating surgeon. He wanted Tom’s #12 engraved in his skull. Mom approved. 
It wasn’t soon after when Tom got the word of Logan’s decision to get the number 12 printed on him forever.  Tom Brady composed a personal message through a video to Logan and told him he is now his biggest Logan fan out there.
Logan was shocked because “its fricken Tom Brady”.
No doubt this was one of the best moments of his life, but a few months later he received the news that this tumor has now become fatal. With this news, Logan wrote a bucket list of the things he wanted to do. 
He went to Disneyland, rode a motorcycle and even shot off a gun with his dad. All things that were on his bucket list. But more importantly, he got to meet his quarterback idol at a Patriots home game.  He now has a signed football, pictures and memories from the person he wanted to meet the most before passing, that is Tom Brady.

Video from ESPN

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