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Genzyme Accepting PAL Award Applications - New Rules Patient Advocacy Groups Need to Know About

JULY 29, 2015
James Radke, PhD
The 5th annual Patient Advocacy Leadership (PAL) Awards program is now accepting applications from non-profit patient organizations focused on lysosomal diseases. Submissions will be accepted now through September 30, 2015, when an External Review Committee will evaluate and select recipients. A total of $50,000 will be awarded through this year’s program. All eligible applicants may apply for a maximum grant of $25,000.

New to 2015

This year the PAL awards will focus more on initiatives that involve 2 or more organizations collaborating together to support their broader lysosomal disease community, including regional and country collaborations and across various disease communities. According to the sponsor—Genzyme—the goal is to highlight and support programs that enable knowledge and best practice sharing, and work to unite the broader lysosomal disease community. To that end, this years’ PAL award competition will accept non-English applications. Below is the summary of the most recent changes to this year’s program:
  • This year's PAL Awards program requires that all proposed projects involve a collaboration between 2 or more organizations.
  • The program is open to all eligible patient organizations. Applicants may partner with one or more of the following: another non-profit patient group, professional association, and/or an academic institution.
  • Organizations do not have to reside in the same country; collaboration may be from the same or across different disease states, providing that the project is focused on the LSD community.
  • All non-English speaking PAL Awards applicants will be offered translation of their project proposal. Project proposals can be submitted in the applicant’s native language. All proposals will be translated into English for judging purposes.
  • If a PAL Awards recipient wishes to apply for a future award, a Final Report (or Progress Report) must be submitted prior to the submission of a new proposal.
  • Organizations that participated in Genzyme’s Proposal Writing Workshop are prohibited from submitting a proposal for the same project.
In a press statement Richard Peters, MD, PhD, Genzyme’s Head of Global Rare Diseases stated, “From travelling photo exhibits and video projects, to digital technology applications and mentoring programs, previous grant recipients have demonstrated their creativity, intensity and passion to improve the lives of patients living with LSDs through their submissions. We look forward to supporting more of these great efforts.”

Since 2011, more than $400,000 has been awarded to 37 patient organizations around the world.  The due date for the application is September 30, 2015 and winners will be announced in December.

For more information, visit www.genzymeadvocacyawards.com


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