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Short Film Challenge Raising Awareness of Disabilities

APRIL 29, 2017
James Radke
On April 23-24th, filmmakers participated in the Easterseals’ Disability Film Challenge — a competition in which they wrote, produced and completed original 3-5 minute films. The filmmaking teams receive an assigned genre along with a list of required props and locations.
The film crews were strongly encouraged to integrate story elements that acknowledged disability and included at least 1 person with a physical or cognitive disability.
Finalists in the Challenge will be announced on May 11th and the winners on May 18th.  
To view the videos, go to Easterseals’ Disability Film Challenge Youtube Channel.
A few examples are shown below, including a short film directed by one of RDR’s BFF’s BFF, Eileen Grubba.

Living Hell

The New Normal

The Look List

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