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Terminal Cancer Patient Arrested for Planning to Kill 3 Doctors

JUNE 07, 2017
James Radke
On the morning of May 31st, 58-year-old Yue Chen, a stage 4 terminal cancer patient, left his home in Visalia, California, and began driving a rental car toward the San Francisco area with 1 purpose in mind – to kill the 3 doctors who had been treating him for cancer.
The note he left behind at his house read:

"If today I do not kill them, their sins will continue."
Chen’s wife notified the local police of his intended actions and the police warned other jurisdictions with details of the rental car. At 7:48 pm on the 31st, California Highway Patrol stopped the suspect on Highway 101 in San Jose.  
According to a police report, the highway patrolman found 2 loaded semi-automatic handguns with high-capacity magazines (32 and 16 rounds, respectively) in the car. Additional evidence indicated that Chen had planned to kill the 3 doctors at their homes instead of where they work.
Local news reports note that Chen spent Monday afternoon at UCSF Medical Center, where 2 of the 3 doctors worked (the 3rd worked at Stanford Health Care, according to the local news report). Chen told detectives that doctors were “damaging his spine so they can use him to train new students.” “They only hurt me,” he said.

Chen also explained his qualms of the doctors and the hospitals they work at. Chen said, “They hurt me (at) both hospitals. They really screw my life, or the doctors lie to me. Hospitals, they all cover for each other.”

The police arrested Chen without incident and took him to a local hospital for treatment related to his medical condition. Later that evening, he was released from the hospital and is now being held at Santa Clara County Main Jail on 3 counts of attempted murder.

It is not currently known which type of cancer Chen has.

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