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2016 NORD Breakthrough Summit Preview

OCTOBER 10, 2016
RDR Staff
One more week until the 2016 NORD Breakthrough Summit in Arlington, VA. RDR is thrilled to be media partners with NORD this year.
Many leaders in the rare disease community will be speaking at NORD. We look forward to hearing the 2016 keynote speakers who are: FDA Commissioner, Dr. Robert Califf; parent advocate and co-founder of CureBatten.org, Kristen Gray; and senior policy analyst, Kate Rawson from Prevision Policy, a firm that provides health care policy analysis.
The primary sessions of the NORD Breakthrough Summit titles include:

  • “Exploring Frontiers-Telemedicine and Rare Diseases” David Flannery, MD, FACMG, FAAP Medical Director, American College of Medical Genetics
  • “The Challenge of Access and Reimbursement – Rising Concerns Regarding Affordability, Innovation and Quality of Care” Moderator: Catherine Blansfield, MA, BS, RN Vice President of Access and Outcomes, NORD
  • “The Landscape for Investment” Moderator:Jim Geraghty Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Third Rock Ventures
  • “Driving Progress Through Policy” Moderator: Martha Rinker Vice President of Public Policy, NORD
  • NORD and Trio Health Partnership to Improve Quality of Care and Outcomes Speakers Pamela K. Gavin Chief Operating Officer, NORD
  • “Predicting the Pipeline – Orphan Product Development and Progress in 2017” Moderator: Philip J. Brooks, PhD Program Director, Division of Clinical Innovation, NCATS, NIH
  • “The FDA Commitment to Rare Diseases” Moderator:Peter L. Saltonstall President and CEO, NORD
Also be on the look out for the Director of the Center for Drug Evaluation, Janet Woodcock and the Director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation, Peter Marks. These two will have  a poster session that will feature original research, innovations and advancements under the theme of “Life-Transforming Treatments.” 
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To register for the 2016 NORD Breakthrough Summit visit: https://www.cbinet.com//conference-registration-form?conference=pc16215

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