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Russel Teagarden

Senior health care practitioner, executive, and educator with a broad base of experience from positions in clinical pharmacy practice, clinical research, university teaching, medical communication and publishing, pharmacy benefit management, nonprofit patient advocacy, and executive leadership, informed by formal education and training in pharmacy, research methods, bioethics, and medical humanities. These experiences provided a deep understanding of how health care standards are developed and translated into clinical practice, how the many and varied dimensions of domestic and international health care systems operate and affect individuals, populations, and institutions, how well current health care professions education and training programs prepare students for their professional roles, and how illness figures in the human condition.
June 23, 2016
Rare disease plays a role in the recent novel, A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara
January 31, 2016
Current debates about "compassionate use" and "right to try" legislative efforts leave out considerations important to rare disease patient groups
March 24, 2015
Patient perspectives generate specific outcome objectives, what they are willing to do to achieve them, the risks they are willing to bear, and the costs they are willing to pay. The same could be said about payers.
February 17, 2015
The "patient perspective" is valuable these days: legislators and regulators want it, pharmaceutical manufacturers and device makers want it, health care providers and payers want it. But what particular patient perspective do they want?
January 27, 2015
"What's the patient perspective?" That is a question often heard in health care circles lately.
January 08, 2015
200,000. That's how a "rare disease" is most often distinguished from a "common disease"
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