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International Society of Paediatric Oncology Annual Meeting

Everybody else is figuring out what they want to do for a job, school, vacations. And I'm barely getting through every single day.
While hearing loss is just 1 of multiple side effects that many risk cancer survivors experience, this loss touches almost every aspect of one’s life.
The series of scientific and clinical breakthroughs began with a curious husband trying to understand his wife hearing loss
The added stigma of hearing loss to an already stigmatized child (due to cancer) is of great concern.
the detrimental effects the hearing loss has had on her son’s learning and socializing is a great concern
Hearing loss can  impede a child’s ability to learn. Special assistance is available at schools but to qualify can be tricky.
the cost of hearing aids is a major problem given the high incidence of them getting lost or damage due to children being children.
Its a daily struggle. The conversations that happen or don't happen in our household are a struggle.
In the cisplatin alone group, 67% of patients showed signs of hearing loss compared to only 37% in the cisplatin + sodium thiosulfate group.
the isolation that patients can feel when they lose their sense of hearing was well described by the composer, Ludwig van Beethoven.
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