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MARCH 10, 2017
Yasmin Khera
On Rare Disease Day 2017 at Capitol Hill, we spoke with Yasmin Khera, Outreach Manager of WEP Clinical who provided expanded access programs to patients in need of clinical trials and treatments who may not be eligible to receive them. 
For more information, visit www.wepclinical.com


We set up expanded access programs These help patients gain access to drugs either they can’t access through clinical trials because they're not eligible for the clinical trial or they don't live in a country where trials are set up.  Or for drugs that are approved but they can't get access because it's not approved in their home country.
so there patients, usually rare disease patients, who have no other access to any other treatment and and want to access the treatment, either an investigational drug or an approved drugs elsewhere in the world.
How to Access WEP’s Expanded Access Programs
so we have a commercial side of our business and a non-commercial side.
With the commercial side, we work with pharma companies. S so if they want to set up one of these programs but don't have the time or the money to do it, they outsource it to us.
Through the non-commercial side of our business, we work with advocacy groups.  I am the advocacy coordinator, so I work with advocacy groups, I explain what these programs are - we have information, materials for the patients and  webinars for the advocacy group staff. All of it is to help them try and understand this treatment access.
And also, to help them help their patients and then through these efforts, we've started to help patients all around the world gain access to treatment through the advocacy groups.
So an advocacy group will come to us and say ‘we have this patient in such and such a country that wants to access this drug manufactured by this company.’ And then we go to the company and kind of advocate for that the patient and try to get them access to the drug. And we have worked with patients from Barbodos, Thailand ,Vietnam the U.S., and some countries in Europe.

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