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From Olympic Qualifier to Rare Disease Patient

MAY 19, 2017
Brandon Hudgins

Brandon Hudgins is an American middle-distance runner. He is one of just a few runners to finish the mile in under 4 minutes. In 2016 he tried out for the Olympics after overcoming 3 episodes of vasculitis. 
Brandon is now dealing with his vasculitis again and while he no longer can run a 4 minute mile, he is using his drive and determination to help others with rare diseases overcome their obstacles.
We talked to Brandon on the evening that he received NORD's Rare Impact Award in Washington DC.
As Brandon explains in this video, meeting other rare disease patients has inspired him more than he thinks his story has inspired others. 
Vasculitis is a group of rare inflammatory conditions affecting blood vessels. Symptoms vary depending on the type of vasculitis. In Brandon’s case, he has granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA) which often involves inflammation of blood vessels in the lungs, nasal passages and kidneys. 

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