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RARE Champions of Hope

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

At the Global Genes' RARE Champion of Hope Awards, we talked to some of the awardees (and presenters) just prior to the ceremony.

Presenters we talked to on the 'blue carpet' included:
  • Madison McLaughlin
  • Jillian Rose Reed 
  • Jim O'Heir

Awardees included:
  • Taylor Kane (RARE Champion of Hope – Teen Advocacy)
  • Claire Wineland (RARE Champion of Hope – Rare Disease Awareness)
  • Kari Rosbeck (RARE Champion of Hope – Collaboration in Advocacy)
  • Colin Steward (RARE Champion of Hope – Medical Care and Treatment International)
  • Anne Lawlor (RARE Champion of Hope – International Advocacy)
  • Penny Howard (RARE Champion of Hope – Advocacy)
  • Annette Bakker (RARE Champion of Hope – Science)
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