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Where Do Cancer Children Die?

MAY 03, 2017
Valeria Smith M.D.

Valeria Smith M.D. of Baylor College of Medicine Pediatrics, Texas Children's Hospital describes her poster presentation at the ASPHO Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada that provides a retrospective chart review about where pediatric cancer patients die.
As Dr Smith explains in this video, race and access to medical information may dictate where a child dies. 

In the study, they identified 281 pediatric cancer patients who had died between January 2011 to March 2015. Of those, 140 (50%) died in the cancer center hospital while 8% (23 patients) died in inpatient hospice. Most patients (47%) had leukemia or lymphoma, 17% had brain tumors, 21% had solid tumors, and 15% had other diagnoses.  Approximately one quarter of patients died without evidence of active disease and 42% were receiving curative treatment.


Smith V, Russell H, Hellsten M, Leeds HS. How do children with cancer die?: a retrospective chart review at a pediatric cancer center. Presented at ASPHO's 30th Annual Meeting; Montreal, Quebec; April 26-29, 2017.

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