Physical Therapy Advice - Don't Be a Martyr
Laura Case, physical therapist at Duke University Medical Center reminds persons with neuromuscular disorders that there are numerous technologies available to help disabled persons lead a full life.
BPompe disease is a rare lysosomal storage disorder that impacts muscle strength. Weak muscles of the airways and tongue can affect patients' ability to talk, breath, and swallow.
Data from two Phase 3 cystic fibrosis study indicated Vertex’s new combination therapy (tezacaftor / ivacaftor) will be a winner.
Today, the company announced their pivotal cystic fibrosis trial with ataluran failed to meet its primary endpoint.
The App was developed by Misha Rosenbach, MD and Daniel O’Connor, a fourth-year medical student at University of Pennsylvania.
CTP-656, using a novel application of deuterium chemistry, is a modified version of Kalydeco
Cystic fibrosis patients often develop EPI as a result of the mucus build up that occurs in the pancreas that leads to decreased exocrine pancreatic enzymes being released.
At the Child Neurology Society Annual Meeting (CNS 2016) in Vancouver, we talked with James Meyer, Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Marathon Pharmaceuticals about their poster presentation
Nurse Beth Nguyen is a patient with syringomyelia, a rare disease in which cysts form inside the spinal cord. In this interview, she describes how the disease affects her daily activities.
top 5 memes for cystic fibrosis
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