While cancer might not be uncommon, types of it certainly are. When it comes to oncology, lymphomas and leukemias, turn to Rare Disease Report.
Pivotal Midostaurin Study in AML Patients Published in NEJM
The study observed that overall survival was significantly longer in the midostaurin group (74.7 months) compared to the placebo group (25.6 months; P = .009).
The new route of administration can allow patients to be treated within minutes rather than the hours currently needed to administer rituximab intravenously.
Former hemihypertrophy and Wilms' tumor patient and current nose tackle Mike Pennel arrived at camp last week for his first week on the job as a New York Jet.
There’s a belief that these drugs should be withheld from elderly thyroid cancer patients due to toxicity and other medical concerns, but the results show lenvatinib is safe and effective.
Biotech company Accerelon announced it will discontinue development of dalantercept to treat RCC based on preliminary results from their DART Phase 2 study.
An increased number of deaths observed in 2 Phase 3 cancer studies involving Keytruda (pembrolizumab) in multiple myeloma patients has led Merck to pause recruitment.
Monday was a good news and bad news day for Amgen and its drug, Neulasta (filgrastim).
Adam West has passed away after a brief battle with leukemia, a rare blood cancer. Leukemia refers to a group of cancers that originate in bone marrow.
The note he left behind at his house read, "If today I do not kill them, their sins will continue."
The FDA has approved Gleolan (aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride, ALA HCl) for use to visualize malignant tissue during glioma surgery.
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