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11-year old Huntington's disease patient Aidan Smith met an Elvis Presley impersonator at the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital's Lincoln campus this week.
Huntington's disease is a genetic disease that can have a devastating effect on a patient physically, psychologically, and cognitively.
A European team of scientists discovered what they claim are encouraging early signs for a potential Huntington's disease (HD) treatment.
Team NeuroGate will be competing in the Microsoft Imagine Cup finals with their work that recognizes neurodegenerative disorders like HD and Parkinson's.
Three different groups from the United Kingdom are staying active this week in their efforts to raise awareness of and funds for Huntington's Disease research.
The Huntington's Disease Network DataBase (HDNetDB) will potentially reduce the complexity by allowing scientists to freely share data.
Results from the ARC-HD study were published, and showed that patients can easily switch from tetrabenazine to the recently approved Austedo.
Annie Freud, great-grandaughter of Sigmund, will be giving a poetry reading in an effort to raise funds for the Huntington's disease association.
Per a British study published in Lancet Neurology, mutations of the MSH3 gene may be associated with Huntington's disease (HD) progression.
He's a patient, an educator, and an advocate. Huntington's Disease patient and Bellingham researcher Jeff Carroll is a triple threat.
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