Huntington’s Disease

Crowd of 1,700 Comforted by Pope Francis' Comments on HD
On May 18, Pope Francis embraced 150 Huntington’s disease patients. The meeting was the first time a world leader recognized HD.
On Thursday, Pope Francis will become the first world leader to recognize the growing global burden that is Huntington’s Disease (HD).
The Papal audience will hopefully shine a spotlight on a disease that often remains hidden from the outside world.
Juli Bollinger, M.S., genetic counsellor and researcher at John Hopkins University talks about the genetics of Huntington's disease and the data she presented at the Annual ACMG Clinical Genetics Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.
Juli Bollinger, M.S., at John Hopkins University talks about data she presented at the Annual ACMG Clinical Genetics Meeting showing that the majority of patients who tested for Huntington's disease prior to being symptomatic did think that testing for this rare, devastating disease was a good idea.
The FDA has approved Austedo (deutetrabenazine) tablets for the treatment of chorea associated with Huntington’s disease. The drug has previously been referred to as SD-809 by its developers, Teva Pharmaceuticals.
Dawn Laney Recruits Genetic Counselors to Help Fix Genetic Information on the Internet
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries announced that the FDA has accepted the resubmission of the New Drug Application (NDA) for SD-809 (deutetrabenazine) to treat chorea associated with Huntington disease (HD).
At the Global Genes Patient Advocacy Summit, we talked with Neer Ziskind, co-founder and CEO of GeneFo about this unique online community for patients with rare diseases.
Teva Pharmaceutical’s treatment for Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) showed a statistically significant results in its Phase 3 trial.
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