Gene Therapy for Fabry Disease Now a Reality
48-year-old Calgary resident Darren Bidulka is grateful that he no longer has to do the biweekly infusions
We talked with the founder and CEO of ThinkGenetic about his company that provides a means (with the help of geneticists and IBM Watson) for patients to get answers to some of their genetic questions - whether they know their disease or not.
The App is called Face2Gene and is available for free on itunes and google play.
Not a rare disease but traveling in space is a rare condition and new data from NASA's twin study (with Mark and Scott Kelly) is showing how much space affects our bodies.
Dawn Laney Recruits Genetic Counselors to Help Fix Genetic Information on the Internet
By identifying patterns of chronic diseases and genetic conditions among relatives, we can determine whether a person may be at an increased risk of developing a certain condition
Today, the WHO Executive Board interviewed the 5 people in consideration for the position and voted to keep 3 candidates in the running.
The Alport Syndrome Foundation (ASF), the Pedersen Family and the Kidney Foundation of Canada (KFOC) have announced funds are availalbe for researchers hoping to advance our understanding of Alport syndrome.
David Kuter, MD of Massachusetts General Hospital talks about the global Gaucher earlier diagnosis consensus (GED-C) initiative that is being developed to help clinicians diagnose many of the Gaucher disease patients that may not be getting properly diagnosed because their symptoms are not as severe.
The developer of the drug—Seattle Genetics—stated that 6 patients have been identified with hepatotoxicity and 4 of them have died.
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