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Special Winter Olympics Underway

MARCH 20, 2017
RDR Staff
The Special Winter World Olympics began this weekend and you can watch many of the events on EPSN2.
A total of 2,600 athletes from 105 countries will be participating.
The opening ceremony included Jason Mraz and America’s Got Talent Grace VanderWall who, in keeping with the spirit of the special Olympics, performed “I won’t give up” to an enthusiastic crowd. Below is the two practicing the song the day before.

Unlike Paralympics that focuses on physical disabilities, the Special Olympics is geared towards those with intellectual disabilities.
According the Special Olympics, a person is considered to have an intellectual disability for purposes of determining his or her eligibility to participate in Special Olympics if that person satisfies any one of the following requirements:
  • The person has been identified by an agency or professional as having an intellectual disability as determined by their localities; or 
  • The person has a cognitive delay, as determined by standardized measures such as intelligent quotient or "IQ" testing or other measures which are generally accepted within the professional community in that Accredited Program's nation as being a reliable measurement of the existence of a cognitive delay; or 
  • The person has a closely related developmental disability. A "closely related developmental disability" means having functional limitations in both general learning (such as IQ) and in adaptive skills (such as in recreation, work, independent living, self-direction, or self-care).  However, persons whose functional limitations are based solely on a physical, behavioral, or emotional disability, or a specific learning or sensory disability, are not eligible to participate as Special Olympics athletes, but may be eligible to volunteer for Special Olympics. 

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