John Oliver Wants the World to Watch a Dancing Zebra

James Radke
Published Online: Sunday, Mar 26, 2017
 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver added a 23-minute clip of a dancing zebra in front of a green screen to their youtube channel. According to Oliver, the news lately has been extremely grim and he decided that the news would be a lot nicer if a dancing zebra were involved. And to help spread the fun, anyone can download the clip and use it to create their own news stories and thereby make the recent news seem more tolerable.  
Here is the clip.
 The staff at Rare Disease Report began to do a news story involving a dancing zebra but in the end, we just wanted to dance. 
To get your version of John Oliver's  #justaddzebras, click here.
To learn more about zebras and their connection to the rare disease community, click here.

(Rare Disease Report does not own this song. The song belongs to Lady Gaga, Stefani Germanotta and Jeppe Laursen. No copyright infringement intended.)

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