FDA Advisory Committee Gives Thumbs Up for L-glutamine for Sickle Cell Disease
The FDA Advisory Committee voted 10-to-3 in favor of approving Endari (L-glutamine) for sickle cell disease.
The small girl who got pulled into the harbor by a sea lion this week may have seal finger, a rare infection resulting from the encounter.
A new study by Hughes et al indicates long-term use of Vimizim (elosulfase afla) in adults with Morquio A is effective and provides those patients with increased strength and endurance to tackle their daily activities.
On Wednesday, an announcement was made by the Harrington Discovery Institute to request proposals for the Harrington Rare Disease Scholar Award.
Dr Koop noted, I think the conversation has to be not through us but between those who create and market the drugs and those who pay the bills.
Singer Mandisa paid a visit to Leah in her hospital room at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland.
CRPS is often difficult to diagnose and in Jones’ case, that was also true. His symptoms appeared suddenly while playing high school football.
Michael Weschler, MD presents data at the 2017 American Thoracic Society Conference that shows the FDA-approved mepolizumab helps in the treatment of EGPA.
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