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American Society of Clinical Oncology 2017

At the ASCO Meeting, Serge Verstovsek, MD of the MD Anderson Cancer Center discussed the combination of ruxolitinib and azacytidine in myelofibrosis treatment.
New data concludes that molecular responses to gilteritinib directly correlated with clinical response and improved overall survival (OS) in patients with FLT3 mutation-positive (FLT3mut+) relapsed/refractory (R/R) acute myeloid leukemia (AML).
At the 2017 ASCO Annual Meeting, Rare Disease Report sat with Daniel DeAngelo, MD, PhD of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to discuss acute myeloid leukemia.
Serge Verstovsek, MD of the MD Anderson Cancer Center sat down with RDR to discuss myelofibrosis, thrombocytosis, and potential treatment options for both.
Gerhard Zugmaier, MD of Amgen and the University of Marburg sat down with RDR to discuss acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Data concludes that a new DTP approach enabled identification of an initial cohort of angiosarcoma patients willing to share blood and medical records.
At ASCO, data from an open-label, expanded access study involving children with relapsed/refractory B-precursor ALL was presented.
Ruben Mesa, MD of the Mayo Clinic sat down with RDR to discuss myelofibrosis, supportive care, and his study combining ruxolitinib and momelotinib.
38% of the 491 testicular cancer survivors had hypogonadism and had significantly higher incidence of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, and anxiety or depression
Enrica Marci, MD of the Columbia University School of Medicine sat down with RDR to discuss her study with Owen O'Connor, presented at ASCO 2017.
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