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Why are There So Few Clinical Trials in Canada?
Durhane Wong-Rieger of the Canadian Organization of Rare Diseases (CORD) discusses the need for improved infrastructure in Canada to encourage more clinical trial research in the country.
New York's first case of a baby being born with the zika virus-related birth defect, microcephaly.
The triple drug study found increased bone mineral density, but no other improvement. A new study is underway with lonafarnib with everolimus.
An investigation is currently underway in Brazil to see if the Culex mosquito can transmit the ZIka virus.
Hemophilia A is a rare, chronic, genetic disorder that results in impaired clotting mechanisms due to missing or reduced levels of factor VIII. Acquired hemophilia A is a rare autoimmune bleeding disorder that attacks Factor VIII.
This week's top 5 articles including an FDA approval, Mary Todd Lincoln, Pokemon Go and of course, rare diseases.
Behind the Mystery is a special segment dedicated to revolutionizing the way the health care system works for and with the Rare and Genetic Minority.
Many sleepless nights went by before making the decision to leave my job of 23 years.
Florida is testing mosquitos in the Miami-Dade County area for Zikka.
The CDC is s providing almost $60 million to help states manage the Zika virus. The donated funds are to help protect Americans from the Zika virus and its repercussions.


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