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Bryce's Story - Proteus Syndrome
13-year-old Bryce has an extremely rare disease called Proteus Syndrome that makes his bones and muscles grow unpredictably.
High-Hyaluronan (HA) human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-negative breast cancer was diagnosed with a combination of two drugs in a new phase 1b/2 trial.
Deadline for progeria research proposals is September 20, 2016
The SMA patient who is known for making a big decision on ending her life, celebrates her last summer going to prom.
At NORD's Rare Impact Awards, we talked with Ron Bartek, along side Kyle Bryant, about the origins of FARA (Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance). Ron is founder of FARA and the father of a Friedreich's ataxia patient. Kyle is a patient and founder of rideATAXIA .
General Mills extends their flour recall due to illnesses linked to e.coli.
PTC Therapeutics announced the conditional approval in Europe will continue and that more clinical data, including a future pivotal clinical trial, still needs to be done.
Why Understanding the Cultural Lens of Your Patient is Important for Creating Better Treatment Plans
From walking 10,000 steps to running a marathon, hemophilia patients are staying active
The first patient in the Phase 2 Ultra Study of the drug Ubenimex in patients diagnosed with secondary lymphedema was initiated.


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